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Game 02 Summary - Orioles vs Reds
by posted 09/19/2021

Saturday 09/18/2021

Another banner day at Rookie Field, with your very own Orioles squaring off against the visiting Reds. The awkward, confused stumbling of the previous week was completely absent this time around, as all five players came ready to play and absolutely dominated their practice stations.


Here's another recap and highlight reel for the team:


Parker - Another strong showing at the plate, "The Crusher" once again proved to the team why she has earned that nickname. Sure, sometimes the tee or the bat goes farther, but it does not stop Parker from hustling the best she can.


Madison - Madison "The Lefty" showed herself to be the MVP of the game, dominating all positions in the field, including the ever-difficult and ever-dangerous pitcher's mound, where she was able to stop nearly every ground ball driven at her. But don't think for a moment she's content with standing in one place, as she was able to chase down balls across the entire length of the field.


Charlotte - Charlotte "The Shoeless" had one request coming into the game today: "put me wherever the balls are hit the most." Given this was a power hitting Reds team, she played much of the outfield, and she played it in stellar fashion. She also managed four homeruns, despite losing her shoe on the way to first base in the second inning.


Annalise - Earning the title "most enthusiastic" for a second time in a row, The Other Girl With The Purple Glove managed to play spectacularly in all four phases of the game: practice, batting, fielding, and relay. Don't let her shorter stature fool you, Annalise comes to play, and is working her way to an MVP-caliber season.


Kourtney - Despite some muscle stiffness and fatigue that required a few breaks before the game, Kourtney pulled through and showed the Orioles how to do one thing: play second base. Chasing grounders both in front of her and behind, she was able to make a few key plays throughout all four innings.


Another week down, and another fantastic game. I appreciate all the parents' support in the bleachers, and definitely appreciate the entire Orioles team cheering on their teammates at every bat. Also thanks again to Ryan for handling the chaos while I was in the field.


Our next game is against the Diamondbacks on Saturday, October 25th at 9:00am and we'll be returning to Rookie Field. See everyone then. Including you, Karlie!


-Coach Dan

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