The objective of LAFA is to improve and refine player's skills, encourage sportsmanship, and develop an enjoyment for baseball and softball. LAFA is a volunteer run organization dependent on parent participation for successful operation.

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LAFA Cal Ripken (8-12 year-old) Tryouts

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Londonderry Middle School Gymnasium


All LAFA Cal Ripken teams are rosters with the intent of balancing out the teams as much as possible.  The AA and Majors leagues are 'drafted' where the coaches pick their teams based on what they see at tryouts.  9-10 year-olds that are not chosen for AA will be placed on a A team, while in Majors all 11-12 year-olds are picked for a team since we do not have numbers for a AAA league anymore.  In order to be considered for a AA team, the player must attend the tryout or if they cannot make it they must let the League know that they still want to be considered for AA.  

It is recommended that all the 9-12 year old Cal Ripken kids attend the evaluation if possible in order for coaches and League Coordinators to be able to create the most balanced teams.

Depending on numbers in the 9-10 year-old age group, we may hold an 8 year-old tryout in order to invite a number of 8 year-olds to move up to Single-A to fill out the rosters.  This is a year-by-year decision and is done solely based on the registration numbers that year.  8 year-olds must register for Farm League and after the League Coordinators determine need based on registrations we'll announce the intentions for that year.  Historically we call up 6-8 8 year-olds each year.

The tryout/evaluation schedule will be posted and emailed out roughly a week prior.  The rough schedule of the day is as follows: we will start with 9 year-olds at 8:30 AM followed by 10 year-olds at roughly 10:30 AM then 8 year-olds just before noon.  After a lunch break 11 year-olds will start up again at 1:00 PM, followed the the 12 year-olds at roughly 2:30 PM.   Each age group is sorted alphabetical based on last name, and broken up in groups of 5-6 kids every 15 minutes.

If you cannot make your scheduled time, the LAFA EVP of Baseball will let you know your options when the tryout/evaluation email is sent out, but in general we can accomodate 8-10 year-olds in the 8:00-12:00 timeframe, and 11-12 year-olds in the 1:00-3:30 timeframe.  Each 15 minute time slice will have 2 open first-come, first-serve spots that are for walkins.


Age Group Tryout/Evaluation Approx Time  
5-7 No Tryout/Evaluation n/a  
8 Tryout to move up to Single-A (as needed based on registrations) 11:30 AM  
9-10 Tryout for Double-A, otherwise placed in Single-A 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM  
11-12 Evaluations for Majors draft (all kids picked) 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM  
13-15 No Tryout/Evaluation n/a