The objective of LAFA is to improve and refine player's skills, encourage sportsmanship, and develop an enjoyment for baseball and softball. LAFA is a volunteer run organization dependent on parent participation for successful operation.

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2022 LAFA Spring Softball League

Farm League

Ages: 7-8 years old

Description: The intent of farm league is to focus on the core fundamentals of softball. Each team will play two (2) times per week (weekday & Saturday). Each session will last 90 minutes. The first 45 minutes will focus on drills. The last 45 minutes will consist of a controlled game. Coaches will remain on the field of play assisting the players. Standings will not be kept.

Ball used: 11” safety softball


Minor League

Ages: 9-12 years old

Description: The intent of Double A is to reinforce and expand on the core fundamentals taught in farm league. Each team will play two (2) games per week. Some weeks will consist of “doubleheaders”. Each team will have one (1) practice per week. Players participating in Double A must try-out and be drafted. Players drafted usually posses advanced skills and have strong desire to play softball. Standings will be kept and playoffs will be held at the end of the season.

Ball used: 11” standard softball



Londonderry Lightning Summer All Star Teams:
Ages 8-12 years old
Description: LAFA offers players ages 8-12 the opportunity to try-out for a summer travel program. This is a competitive program that participates in ASA and the Babe Ruth Trail. Players who decide to play for the Lightning make softball their priority for the summer (June-July) The team(s) play 30-35+ games consisting of 7-8 tournaments. Players must participate in the LAFA recreation program to participate.


For non-LAFA options above the 12U level, you may be interested in